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Our mission is to create caring, capable communities by;

* Supporting and strengthening the most vulnerable Families, Children and young people

*Innovating and advocating for social inclusion

* Growing community connections and contributions for the benefit of all

* Providing good water for disadvantaged Communities

* Building / Renovation of School buildings for Children in Villages

* Provision of Chairs, Tables, Reading materials etc to Schools in the Villages hard hit

   by poverty.

All sorts of people come to us and find it helps them to understand what's going on in their relationships and change things for the better.



A future in which good couple and family relationships from the heart of a thriving Society. We offer a wide range of services for couples, families and individuals. We support people through all stages of their relationships and you can access our support on your own or with others, face-to-face,  on the phone or on the internet.                                  

In our experience, problems resulting  from Family breakdown are caused when relationships end with hostility, without talking through the situation. Our services of relationship counselling,  Family Counselling, Counselling for young people or mediation can help people manage these difficult experiences.

Family break up is cited as one of the critical causes of poverty. Surveys routinely shows that around half of homeless people ascribe their homelessness to relationship breakdown.

A partner may lack the skills and understanding about the best way to act after the breakdown; not knowing what to do for the benefit of themselves and their Children. People need help and support to manage the process of Family change.

At Love 2 Work, we believe that Society can gain immeasurably if support is provided for people to be enriched by learning skills and techniques to enable them to be  "A good partner" throughout their lives.


We offer an extensive range of counselling, mediation, support and educational services for families. The focus is on developing people's personal strengths and capabilities so that they feel more self confident and are able to set and achieve realistic personal goals. We believe that all parents want to be good parents and with the right resources and support can grow their nurturing skills and care safely for their Children.

We take a whole of family approach. This means, when a person comes to us for help, we offer to work with their whole Family to promote effective and sustainable change.

While our services are available to everyone, our priority is to assist people who are at 'risk'

Do you know a family going through Family breakdown and needs help,  send your mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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